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Fuel Monitoring Expert

With our cutting-edge fuel monitoring system, users don’t have to worry about fuel control anymore! 

Fuel Sensor Accuracy up to 99% I Decrease Fuel Thefts up to 90% I Reduce Fuel Costs up to 15% | Optimize Fleet Efficiency


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We produce and sell a series of advanced vehicle trackers, fuel monitoring system and video telematics using AI. 

Our telematics products come with a cloud-based fleet management software in a monthly subscription fee.

Watching you beyond!

Fleet Management

We take the fleet management to a whole new level by offering the ultimate fleet tracking platform that lets you maximize your efficiency.

Driving Behaviour Analysis

Our fleet management and GPS tracking solution monitors the quality of driving. The assessment is based on the parameters of speeding, acceleration, braking, cornering and other sensor values. The analysis of the received data will eventually help to extend vehicle life, reduce fuel costs, ensure cargo safety, and reveal the reasons for any cases of emergency.

Fuel Monitoring

Our cutting-edge fuel monitoring system offers intelligent tools for the user to track actual litters of fuel refilling, track real-time fuel consumption, detect the fuel thefts and critical fuel level.


Our Controller Area Network (CAN) bus solution brings communication and connectivity in your vehicle using our state-of-the art hardware.

ELD Compliance

FMCSA-Registered Electronic Logging Device that acts as a fully automated Electronic Logbook for active and passive driving time.

Video Telematics

Uses can monitor and analyze with our AI live day/night vision video streaming during the vehicle’s trips from anywhere.


The AI-based Advanced Driver Assistance system makes driving safer and efficient with features such as FCW, HMW, and LDW.

Passenger Management

Never have to worry about the issues a passenger might cause your fleet as our services provide 24/7 surveillance at high resolution.

We Are Pioneer 

While your bus or truck is on the road the fuel levels being monitored are always grossly inaccurate due to the constant motion of the fluid within the truck as it rumbles and turns. Our smart Fuel Sensor is a built-in smart filtering algorithm that accounts for theses conditions and applies a correction factor to determine the true correction

The perfect tool 

The app can create any number of charts for selected parameters, carry out comparative analysis, or use multi charts to show correlations between two different KPIs. All of which will help you understand your business performance and allow you to grow faster.

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Recent Work


  • AI- Powered ADAS
  • Driver Monitoring System
  • Video Telematics
  • Cargo Load Monitoring  

About us

We are a small team based in Palo Alto, California, with a passion for creating innovative products and services to help your fleet perform the best it possibly can. We are environmentally focused as we hope to reduce the amount of pollution a business outputs by making them more efficient, thus reducing the need for fossil fuels. We specialize in having a personal relationship with our clients so that we can adapt our products to meet their specific needs while giving them an award worthy service. 

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